Friday, September 8, 2017

Harvey relief

I am working on quilts for a challenge to make 500 quilts for the relief effort. Three so far. Taking a class in thread painting tomorrow. Looking forward to learning a new technique.
 I am overwhelmed by all the fabric and batting I have acquired. It is taking several days to piece and quilt and bind these quilts. A very slow way to get rid of fabric and batting.
Just finished sandwiching another quilt. Hope to quilt later this afternoons.
Beautiful weather here. Cool temperatures make me want to take a nap.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Grateful for nature

I am especially grateful for nature today. Yesterday was filled with bee meeting, inspiration and shopping. Today I got to sit back and look at the garden. I planted a few of the plants I purchased during the granddaughter's stay for spring break. I am envious of wild flowers blooming all around my yard but not many in my yard.  I filled and placed two hummingbird feeders, but I didn't see any in the yard.
The big spectacular thing was a pair of red shouldered hawks playing and flirting in the yard. Of course that made all the little birds hide, but it was beautiful and sounded loud.
I had our small group meeting tonight. I feel the group running on low energy. The food is great, but
some people are not very prepared. The fellowship is great. I am truly loving all of this group.
Not sure what to think of the end coming.
I worked on the gypsy wife's quilt. It is very complicated and busy. Not sure what will become of it.
Only three more weeks of the class. It is sapping a lot of my time.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Catch 22

I just started a new blog and then this one opens up for me.
 I have not posted since January because I couldn't get into my blog.
  Now I would like to post some pictures I'm having trouble with that too.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Practicing creativity

Finished hand work for new pillow  
Also finishing my Hobbity quilt for a friend. This sashiko stitching has been slow but good. The winter has been rather mild since we had a few freezing days. Many good days for stitching!
Last week we had our first Road Scholar trip to San Antonio. Met interesting people and learned a lot.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

New year very productive

The 2017 year has started with lots of activity.
I am working on handwork and quilting by machine.
Making an effort to include some pictures. This picture is from several years ago.
 "Under water dream."
I had lots of fun with embroidery in 2016, hoping to include some photos. Working from an Ipad is not necessarily the best way to keep a blog but it is my favorite device.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter, a beautiful day!

Today I am thankful for my home.
I have caught up on my commitment to sew a quilt top for each week in the year, this year. Three more quilt tops to be turned in.
I do not seem to be able to import photos to my blog, but I am trying to learn.
I am happy to be using my stash. The tops are prettier than the upholstery fabric that I have been using.
I have many yards of solids I bought for this project. I will be making ten and one half inch squares to make the sewing go faster. These are utility quilts so all colors are welcome.
It is a great day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New year new goals!

Life has been very busy.  My cataracts have been removed so I am seeing much more color now.
I have started a project to use up a large portion of my stash. Fifty-two quilts for charity this year. The blocks are going together very quickly.
I am creating zen tangles to color and having a ball. Crazy quilting is still a big part of my passion so hand stitching gets time each week.
Building health to get back to a reliable level is requiring personal training three times a week.
My goal is to walk over 5000 steps a day. High hopes for a good year.